Apple is introducing iOS 7 to Swift programming language

Apple is expanding its Swift programming ecosystem, unveiling iOS 7 on Friday at WWDC.

In a keynote address on the iOS 7 developer program website, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the iOS developer community will now be able to add new Swift features like new APIs, native code for iOS 7 and new frameworks.

Apple has also added support for Swift in iOS 7.

Apple’s Swift programming community will soon be able add new features to iOS 7, including new APIs. 

According to Apple, the new APIs are for building native apps, so they will be accessible in iOS, macOS and tvOS.

Apple is also adding support for new frameworks like the new Swift programming library, called Swift Programming Language (SCL).

Swift Programming Language is a new programming language that allows developers to write native iOS apps.

Swift Programming language can be used to write Swift-based web apps, native mobile apps, iOS applets, and other applications.

Apple is also planning to add support for iOS 8 to Swift.

In a statement, Apple said it will support the iOS 8 SDK in the near future.

The new iOS 7 SDK, which is a major addition to the platform, is a work-in-progress and is expected to ship in the coming months. 

Apple has also announced iOS 7 will be the first major iOS release since the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launched in September, 2015.

Apple also released iOS 7 in 2016. 

The announcement was made on the first day of WWDC, the annual event for Apple’s developers.


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