How to get a PhD in home-schooling

The government has promised to help young people get a degree in the discipline of home-based schooling, but it may have left a lot of people to wonder if they can really get their PhD.

Read moreA new scheme to offer home-study programmes in Australia is hoping to fill a gap that has left some students unable to access their degree requirements.

The Department of Education and Training (Deet) says the scheme, which is based in Sydney, will help young adults get a tertiary qualification in the subject.

“We’re looking at an initial pilot program for students from primary school to get their degree in home school education,” spokeswoman Jillian Kettle told ABC News.

She said that if successful, it would allow up to 40 per cent of people who qualify to access the degree.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to do some degree completion through education, especially in a sector where you can really leverage some of the skills you’re learning to help you in your future career and be able to get out of the house and do something,” she said.’

A real benefit’For example, a student who wanted to study physics would get a diploma in physics, and be given the chance to work for a company in a field where they might be interested.

“They can actually work at an industry that has an interest in home education, and they’ll be able then to get the qualification for their degree,” Ms Kettle said.

“And it’s an opportunity for them to get some of that degree completion.”

She said it was a real benefit to the community and also a real gain for the student.

“If you have a PhD, you can’t just be studying in the university and then having a job that you have to pay for,” she explained.

“A degree that you can apply to, you could actually work on that degree, which would be a real plus.”

Students are being encouraged to apply for the scheme on their own, via a website called, but Ms Kett said that would not be a permanent option.

“People need to apply online,” she told ABC Radio.

“You can go online, you need to have an existing degree or some other qualification that’s recognised by the Australian Education Union, or whatever, and then you can register for that.”

In other words, there’s no waiting list for the opportunity to study in Australia.

The aim is to allow some young people with a tertate degree to take advantage of the scheme in an attempt to make it a more affordable option.

She also said there was no cost to the government, so if the scheme was successful, students could earn up to $10,000 per year.

“I think there’s a real opportunity to get into this, there are a lot more students now than we used to have, and there’s been a big push from the Government for home-teaching programs,” Ms Breen said.

For now, she said the scheme would not start until the end of 2019.

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