When the moon lands, NASA astronauts will be working in a solar-powered cabin

A new NASA program designed to give astronauts the opportunity to work in a remote solar-power-powered space station has a bright future, but for those who don’t want to travel outside of their comfort zone, there’s a hitch: NASA is only accepting applications from people who want to work with astronauts on a “happier, more productive, and more efficient” space program, the agency announced today.

The new program is called the Apollo Program and it’s designed to encourage the creation of new, innovative space technologies for NASA’s human exploration program.

The first batch of applicants will have to submit two sets of qualifications: a bachelor’s degree in astrophysics, or an equivalent in a STEM field, and an interest in “space-based technologies and technologies for science, engineering, and technology” (SEET).

These can include “space propulsion, microgravity, and other aspects of spaceflight,” NASA says.

The Apollo Program has also set aside an $80 million fund for those interested in the program.

The fund will be used to provide scholarships to qualified applicants and “assist in the recruitment of qualified applicants.”

Applicants can apply for the program through the NASA website and they’ll be contacted via email when the application deadline is approaching.

If they are accepted, they will be contacted for more information.

For the past few years, NASA has been working on a new space program called the Commercial Crew Program.

That program, which will launch in 2022, is meant to allow the development of “spacecraft that will enable human exploration of Mars, explore asteroids, and explore the Moon.”

That’s all great news for astronauts, but the company that’s building the spacecraft has not been able to come up with a way to get the astronauts on board.

So NASA is asking for help from the general public.

In addition to submitting an application, applicants will be asked to provide a photo and their address.

If accepted, the astronauts will then be flown on a Soyuz spacecraft to the International Space Station (ISS).

This article originally appeared on Mashable


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