Which countries offer online school program in 2017?

In a year when a record number of children and young adults worldwide attend online school, the US has emerged as the world’s leader in offering online learning opportunities.

In 2017, more than 70% of the global learners enrolled in online learning programs are from the US, according to a study by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

But while many of these programs are based in the US and offer some of the same benefits, such as online tutoring and mentoring, the vast majority of students in these programs receive little in the way of online resources.

What you need to know about online learning programmesIn 2016, the world had a population of 3.3 billion people, according the Pew Research Center.

This means that more than 4 billion people were online in the past 12 months.

In the US alone, more people are enrolled in over 2,400 online learning and coaching programs.

The top ten countries with the most online learners are:India (2,731,000)Pakistan (2.1 million)India (1,823,000), United Kingdom (1.8 million)United States (1 million), United States (930,000).

China (838,000)*Pakistan (862,000**)Japan (823)France (813)Australia (631)France(627)Turkey (626)Australia(604)India(605)Germany (609)Germany(597)China(596)Australia*India(597*)France(594)Turkey(593)AustraliaAustralia*Germany(590)Germany*Australia(539)France*China*France(590)*Turkey(587)Turkey*Australia*Japan(586)Japan(584)Australia***Germany(588)Germany**China*Germany***Australia*Australia**Japan(589)Japan***China*Japan***Australia***Australia(581)Japan**Germany***France(582)Germany***China(581)*Germany***Turkey*France*France***Turkey(581*)Australia***Japan(581*Australia***France***France*Australia (582)Japan*AustraliaJapan*France (582*)Germany***Germany***Turkish*Germany**Turkey*Japan (583)Turkey**Germany*Turkey**Australia*Turkey*Turkey (583*Australia)Turkey***Germany**France(584)*Germany**Australia**Turkey**Turkey(583)*Germany*France**Turkey***Turkey***Australia**China (585)China (584)Canada (554)China*Canada (546)India*India*Canada*India (547)India**Canada*France(*634)India***Canada*Turkey(531)Turkey *France (527)France**Canada**Turkey *Australia*Israel (539)*Israel*Israel*Australia *Israel*Canada(541)Israel*Canadian*Australia Israel*Canada**Israel (546)*Canada*Canada Israel*Australia Japan (546*Australia*)Australia*Canada Japan*Australia****Israel*Australian*Australia


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