Apple upgrades its watch software, programing software

Apple has upgraded its watch programming software to add features that help it protect its owners’ Apple Watch from hackers, the company has announced.

The new Apple Watch software includes features to detect when a watch is in use, when the user has turned off their Apple Watch, and when they are using an Apple Watch without a charging dock, the Apple Watch Software Update said.

The Apple Watch watch app now includes a warning that a watch’s battery is low, which can help users avoid accidental disconnections.

Apple’s Watch software has also been upgraded to better protect users from malware, as well as to help prevent Apple Watch users from inadvertently leaving the Watch in a public location or inadvertently charging their watch when they shouldn’t, the software said.

Apple Watch users can also turn off notifications on the watch and switch on the “Show watch face” option to display their watch face instead of a black background, the app said.

Users can also use Apple Watch apps on the iPhone and iPad to track and view their watch, and access the Apple Pay app to use Apple Pay to pay for items and services with Apple Watch.

The software update is available to users who are enrolled in the Apple Developer Program.

Apple said in a blog post that the Apple watch software update will be available for download starting on April 12.