How do we measure success of the ‘Southwest Key Programs’ (programs in South West Queensland)?

Posted October 02, 2018 12:03:00 It’s a debate that has raged on since at least the late 1970s.

A decade ago, when the first South West program was launched, there was a sense of relief that the region had emerged from the worst of its problems, the region was poised for a resurgence and the government had finally realised the importance of the region.

Then came the recession.

In recent years, the government has faced criticism for its handling of the economic downturn, including its failure to deliver on its promises to boost the region’s economy.

The federal government has consistently failed to deliver the promised economic boost to the region, and has been unable to provide adequate financial support to the regions most vulnerable members.

Since 2010, the state has been grappling with a series of structural changes, and the most dramatic one has been the closure of two of the three main regional schools.

To date, South West has received just over $3 billion in Commonwealth funding, and more than $2 billion in federal grants.

There has also been a marked reduction in the level of regional spending.

This has led to a drop in the region being able to fund its own public services.

What are the South West Key Programs?

The South West programs are the government’s flagship regional programs, which have been launched in Queensland since the late 1990s.

They have focused on three key areas: infrastructure and science and technology; education, skills and training; and recreation.

They have included funding for the National Infrastructure Program, the Queensland Building and Infrastructure Commission and the Regional Development Plan.

Key areas funded in South Western Queensland Since 2010, South Western has received $3.3 billion.

More than a quarter of that has been funded through the Commonwealth’s Regional Development Program.

Source: Queensland Government, Queensland Government website The programs have included: The National Infrastructure Fund, which has funded the construction of infrastructure, including roads and railways, to support regional jobs and growth.

Queensland Health and Human Services, which provides health services to nearly 10,000 people across the region every week, including those with disabilities.

As well as providing local health services, the Health and Health Services Commission provides a range of services for regional communities.

Other key areas supported by the programs have been: Education and skills training: Provides training to the workforce, including apprenticeships, and also supports people with learning and employment disabilities to become employable in the labour market.

Health and social services: Includes services such as mental health, diabetes, drug rehabilitation and health and social welfare.

Rehabilitation and rehabilitation services: Provides rehabilitation and mental health services.

Source: Queensland Department of Health, Queensland Department for the Arts, Queensland Development Authority, SouthWest Education, SouthWestern Health and Social Services and Queensland Health and Medical Research Council (Queenslanders Arts and Science Council) Community services: Includes health and community services, such as community services for children, mental health and substance misuse prevention, child and adolescent health, and family violence and trauma services.

The regional arts and culture community is also supported through the regional arts, culture and recreation program.

Retail, hospitality and tourism: This includes programs that support businesses and communities in the South Western region, such, retail, hospitality, tourism and entertainment.

It also includes the Regional Tourism and Convention Authority (RTCA) which helps provide local tourism and community events and also provides support for regional hospitality businesses.

Social services: This include housing and support for families, people with disabilities and people with mental health issues.

Recreation: Provides support for people who live and work in the regional recreation and cultural community, and for community events.

Restorative justice: This program provides support to people who have experienced or are experiencing abuse or neglect in the community.

Further information:  SouthWest Key Programs: South West Regional Education and Skills Fund (SAESTF) SouthWest Regional Health and Mental Health Program (SAHPHMP) Southern Regional Tourism Council (SRTC) Structure and operation: South West Education, Skills and Training (SSST), Arts, Culture and Recreation (ACE) and Recreation and Sport (RSS) programs.

South Western Tourism and Culture Council (STC) – SouthWest Regional Business and Tourism Councils (SRBTT) – Queensland Health, Recreation and Cultural Development Authority (QHRECAD)


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