The Next Big Government program: Online Homeschoolers Program, Secret Space Program

The Next-Big-Government-program-online-homeschoolers-program is a program created by the Department of Homeland Security and launched in March 2017 to provide homeschooling options for homeschoolers enrolled in the National Security Agency’s (NSA) Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) program.

The program is intended to provide additional cybersecurity training to private sector employers.

It is the first such program in the United States to be operated by a non-government organization.

The DHS program’s website describes the program as: A secure online program designed to provide secure online homeschool training to all Federal Government employees in support of cybersecurity.

A secure platform designed to allow DHS employees to use this training in the secure areas of their own homes, with minimal risk to their employees.

This program provides secure online training that allows DHS employees and contractors to better understand the capabilities and risks of the Internet and its associated technologies.

The Department of Defense (DOD) will be the lead agency involved in this program. 

The program was designed to make homeschool classes more effective by allowing parents to have a greater level of control over the curricula that are taught and the instruction they receive.

It also allows for greater flexibility in terms of curriculum, as well as the ability to customize instruction to meet individual needs, and to take into account students’ interests. 

In the summer of 2017, DHS announced plans to expand the program to include more schools, including some located in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

This move was made after concerns about cybersecurity in homeschool classrooms surfaced and the department sought to clarify the purpose of the program and the training provided. 

Following the program’s launch, more than 10,000 DHS employees took the course and it has been offered to more than 3,000 employees of other federal agencies and the Defense Department. 

As part of the DHS program, a list of all of the homeschool curricula is posted on the department’s website.

These include an online, online-only, private-sector homeschool curriculum, a nonacademic, online courses that allow students to practice on their own, and a certification course. 

It was announced that the DHS would be accepting the curriculum and certification certification from Home Education Solutions, Inc., which is owned by the DHS. 

“I think that it is important to highlight that we do not currently have a curriculum to provide these courses in the public sector, but I do think that DHS will continue to do so, and we will continue this partnership,” said James J. Hays, a senior research associate at the Center for Digital Democracy, in a statement. 

A home-school curriculum, while it is designed for home schooling purposes, is not the same as a traditional classroom setting. 

Hays also noted that the curriculum, although designed for homes, is still considered a classroom curriculum in many ways.

“It has the same content and same format, which is why it’s so difficult for homes to do that,” he said. 

According to the DHS, the online curriculum is the result of extensive research into the security, safety, and privacy of online homes. 

Despite the program being open to DHS employees, Hays also pointed out that some private sector employees, including those working for the military and defense contractors, may not be eligible. 

At the time of this writing, DHS has not responded to requests for comment from The Next BIG Future. 

Last year, The Washington Post published a story detailing the security concerns raised about homeschool students, specifically those enrolled in NSA’s ICAC program.


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