How to Get the Sonography Programs You Need for Your Family and Friends

A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Anthony DiMarco, a sonography program leader and professor at Emory University, about the benefits of sonography programs in children and adults with COPD.

He explained that the primary goal of sonographers is to identify and treat the underlying disease, so that they can begin to control it and then make changes.

DiMarco said that in some cases, the initial sonographic examination and diagnosis is necessary to make sure that the patient is on the right track.

This can help to help the patient stay healthy.

Di Marco also shared a story about a mother who needed a CT scan after her son had complications from a kidney stone.

Di Lucias sonography services were able to identify the stones in her kidneys and then help her take medication to treat the stones and allow her son to return to school.

Di Mario also shared that the sonography examination also helped the mother get the right diagnosis for her son. 

As far as the program’s partners are concerned, Di Marco said that they are looking forward to working with their partners and families, who often struggle with their COPD and may have difficulty finding the resources they need. 

Di Marco said, I think that when it comes to the families of COPD, the Sonographic Programs is the best option for them, especially for families that are struggling with their health. 

Sonographers can help families of any age understand the underlying cause of COPDs, which can be a real barrier for them. 

Dr. DiLucias sonographic program will also offer the following services: Sonographic testing for the COVID-19 virus: Tests for COVID, CCLD, and CPTB, which are usually performed at the Sonographer Clinic, will be performed on the following individuals: Mother or father of the patient or   Unmarried person (or parent) who has a history of COPDD and is a co-morbidity (crossover diagnosis) and has not been treated for the co-occurring illness. 

Unmarried individuals with known or suspected COVID infections are also eligible to be tested. 

The following individuals are not eligible for Sonographic Testing: Patients under age 65 years, Children aged 0-12 years, and Infants aged 0 to 18 months. 

A non-refundable fee is waived for patients with co-infections. 

Cochlear implants: Cancellation or replacement is required for all individuals in the family. 

In addition, there is no charge for CT-based sonography testing on children aged 0–18 months, and non-Cochleas will not be tested for COVS and/or CCS. 

Special requirements: In the event that a COVID infection has occurred within the last 2 weeks, a non-residential sonographer may also be required to perform CT-guided sonography on the patient at the time of admission. 

For more information, visit Sonography or call 1-877-255-4331.


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