A shoe that’ll take you places

I had no idea that the shoes I had were going to be a shoe that would change the way I looked.

For me, the shoes had always been about looking.

I wanted to be comfortable and look good.

They were my answer to the shoe companies that said, “Oh, you look good, you can’t be comfortable.”

I didn’t really understand what that meant, but I was like, “Okay, that’s cool.

That’s cool.”

So I decided to start a shoe company.

The first thing I did was make them out of wool, because wool is the cheapest, and then I went and bought a bunch of wool and a bunch more yarns.

I was in the wool business for three years, and I never felt so happy.

I would just buy all of the wool and yarn and go to the factory and make the shoes.

I started working in the shoe factories and in the factory, I would take the people in and we would do this for three days a week, and it was amazing.

I had people come in, and they would walk into the shoe factory and be in there for 20 hours a day, and the people would never look at the shoes or talk to me.

And that’s when I started to realize that the people who work in the factories are people who are trying to look good and feel good.

I’ve seen people walking in, but they’re not even talking to the person who’s in the shoes and wearing them.

The shoes look better.

And the people working there have no idea what the hell they’re doing.

I felt that that was the first step, and that’s what I started doing.


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