What if we could live in a world where every kid can have a dream?

It’s a dream of sorts for the Georgia Dream program.

The dream was born in 2014 when a georgian friend of mine came up with a way to provide a platform for young kids in need of a dream.

This idea started a small movement that eventually morphed into the Geogas Dream program and now is an initiative that is working to make Georgias dream a reality.

Here’s how it works: Every year, hundreds of kids in GeorgIA dream their dream and they go to the program and meet with their dreams coach.

They then come back with a list of dreams that they want to work on.

In 2017, the Geospatial Education Department of Georgia was able to help the program expand to six schools in the region, with more to come.

Now, the program provides a platform to help these kids with the dream, and in 2019, the Dream Coordinator has been able to raise more than $1 million in donations for the program.

In 2018, it raised $7,400 and in 2017, $11,800.

This year, the goal is to raise $30,000 for the dream.

“It was an eye-opener.

It was like a light bulb going off in our heads,” said Michael J. Anderson, an attorney with the Georgia chapter of the National Organization for Children.

“This program is really unique in the country, and it’s the first one that’s actually helping kids with dreams.

It’s an amazing opportunity for them to meet other kids, it’s an opportunity for the coaches to have a face to face relationship with these kids, and we can talk about dreams.”

The program works with local community organizations that work with children with developmental disabilities, including the Georgia Department of Health, the Georgia Center for Behavioral Health, and the Geocities.

There are also programs that connect with the local community.

Anderson said this program has grown into something that is helping hundreds of children every year.

“When you’re talking about families, when you’re dealing with families who have children, when they’re dealing in poverty, and then you’re working with a school and you’re having a dream where you want to go to school with your dream child, it really makes you feel like this is a community where you can connect with other kids,” he said.

For the most part, Anderson said, the programs have been positive.

In addition to helping children who are dealing with disabilities, the dreamers can also help other students who are facing challenges in school, including students with special needs, students who may be at risk of dropping out, and students who have experienced trauma or abuse.

“The programs have really helped us understand that these kids are not alone,” he added.

“There are kids who are having a really hard time, and I think the dream program is helping them to overcome those challenges and then they can see how we can help them as well.”

Anderson said the program also gives hope to other kids who may not be able to meet their dream of having a future in the Geospace industry.

“I think this program is one of the most meaningful things that you can do in your life,” he continued.

“When we talk about the dream of a geospace employee, I think we can all learn something from the program.”


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