USC grads get jobs as teaching assistants and health care providers

The University of Southern California has hired a graduate program that offers a residency program in teaching.

The university announced the hire Monday, and said the program is open to anyone interested in teaching and teaching as a health care provider.

It is the third program the university has offered for the position.

The first was the Residency in Teaching (ROT) program.

In addition to teaching as an academic lecturer, the Residence in Teaching program is intended to teach the fundamentals of teaching to a wide range of populations, said Jessica Rinaldi, director of the Residences program.

She said the residency program is designed for students who have a strong passion for teaching and have a desire to work in the field.

The residency program will be offered for one to three years.

Students who apply will have to pass a rigorous background check.

It is expected to cost $1,000-$1,500 per semester, depending on a student’s desired major.

Students who successfully complete the program can also receive a full-time position in teaching or education.

Students will need to complete an initial course load of three years before being eligible for employment.

They will then be assigned a faculty member.

Rinaldi said the university is offering the residency in teaching program to students who are interested in careers in teaching, health care, nursing or public administration.

This program allows students to continue learning about the profession and further their education while also gaining valuable hands-on experience.

Students also will receive additional training in the fields of health care and teaching.

Rualdi said this program was designed to give students the best chance of success.

She expects the program to provide students with an opportunity to work as teaching and health services professionals.

Students can apply online through the university’s online application portal or call 800-827-2260.

For more news on the latest news, visit the USC Daily.


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